Photography Adventures in Scotland & Beyond


I always value my client’s feedback to ensure I can offer the best possible guidance and experience. It’s nice to get great feed back and even better when clients return for another trip. Thanks for all your comments and for making the trip back time and again GC

Glen has started something within me very exciting and very daunting at the same time. It’s fantastically exciting to discover a completely different world from just being a ‘snapper’ and looking around you and actually thinking, and more importantly, feeling what surrounds you and how it moves you. I now can’t go for a walk the same way. I seem to always look at the light, the shadows, what’s happening with the sun and try and predict what will happen. Then there are the leading lines, diagonals, framing and a whole bunch of other things constantly whizzing through my head … and I love it! So thank you Glen for a very inspiring time and your great advice.

Taio Tyson, UK

Glen, since spending the day with you last Saturday my photography knowledge and skills have easily quadrupled. Your passion and skill as a talented photographer shone through in every aspect of the day. As well as this your ability to teach and share your craft was exceptional. Thank you for all the written notes as well which make a great reference guide.

I am now so much more confident in relation to composition, shooting work flow, exposure and aperture. After months of reading manuals and books I now finally feel like I know my camera like the back of my hand. I would highly recommend your tutoring to anyone that is passionate about their photography

Craig George, Melbourne

I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to getting to grips with my camera. But spending time with Glen wasn’t just about the camera, it was about understanding light and being able to see something more in a scene! I am now looking at views in a totally different way and looking at the light. I feel so much more confident that I know what I’m doing and without a doubt so much more inspired – thank you!

Hazel Middleton, Tain, Scotland

In an era of sophisticated digital equipment and editing software, it is easy to be fooled into believing that you no longer have to nail the art of photography. Can’t everything be photo shopped into perfection? With an 8GB card can’t I just snap away and rely on the law of numbers to guarantee outstanding images?
Glen powerfully demonstrated that even the most advanced equipment is just a tool that will only work with sound knowledge off the basic principles of photography. In a practical step – by – step session he helped me to understand where I was at, where I wanted to be and begin thinking like a photographer – not an opportunistic snapper. By reducing the art of photography to its essence, and explaining in simple English how my digital camera could best be taken advantage of, found myself looking through the lens with a new found inspiration and the confidence to nail the images I dream of capturing.

Tim Cope – National Geographic Adventure Honoree 2007, Australian Adventurer of the year 2006

Brilliant locations, excellent tuition..

Nick Lawrence – Inverness

Apart from the excellent photo tuition this was an experience of a lifetime..

Mike Olney – Bedforshire

Once I took the leap and actually booked the workshop, I was quiet apprehensive about my ability within a group that was going to have various skill levels. Although I have owned my camera for almost a year I still used it in auto. My worries were totally un-founded, although others were much more advanced I was not made to feel inadequate. Glen’s friendly and relaxed way of teaching made the experience fun and easily understood. From the onset our cameras were set on Manual and within the first couple of hours I was shooting photos that I have been proud to show friends and family. By the end of day one I had began thinking in a totally different way about photography, it was no longer just snapping scenes but a way of producing images that portrayed a feeling, my photography took on a WOW factor.

The whole experience with stunning locations, good accommodation and good company is one I fully intend repeating in the very near future.

Janet Turnbull, Drumnadrochit

Informal and enthusiastic, just what I needed on my first photo tuition experience

George Bigby, Cumbria

Glen’s knowledge is beyond doubt and he conveys that in a very relaxed and understandable manner. Teaches by example and has a great sense of humour. Great course ,well taught by a very nice guy

Bill Buchan, Fraserburgh

The week started as a group leader and clients. It finished as a group of friends

Philip Rigby – OxfordshireHighlights Tour 2010

Lago di Limades Dolomites


Alpine Lake, Passo Falzarego Italian Dolomites © Glen Campbell 2018


Fairy Pools Isle of Skye


Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye - Scotland © Glen Campbell 2018