Photography Adventures in Scotland & Beyond

The whole experience with stunning locations…

Once I took the leap and actually booked the workshop, I was quiet apprehensive about my ability within a group that was going to have various skill levels. Although I have owned my camera for almost a year I still used it in auto. My worries were totally un-founded, although others were much more advanced I was not made to feel inadequate. Glen’s friendly and relaxed way of teaching made the experience fun and easily understood. From the onset our cameras were set on Manual and within the first couple of hours I was shooting photos that I have been proud to show friends and family. By the end of day one I had began thinking in a totally different way about photography, it was no longer just snapping scenes but a way of producing images that portrayed a feeling, my photography took on a WOW factor.

The whole experience with stunning locations, good accommodation and good company is one I fully intend repeating in the very near future.

Janet Turnbull, Drumnadrochit