Photography Adventures in Scotland & Beyond

Helped me to understand where I was at…

In an era of sophisticated digital equipment and editing software, it is easy to be fooled into believing that you no longer have to nail the art of photography. Can’t everything be photo shopped into perfection? With an 8GB card can’t I just snap away and rely on the law of numbers to guarantee outstanding images?
Glen powerfully demonstrated that even the most advanced equipment is just a tool that will only work with sound knowledge off the basic principles of photography. In a practical step – by – step session he helped me to understand where I was at, where I wanted to be and begin thinking like a photographer – not an opportunistic snapper. By reducing the art of photography to its essence, and explaining in simple English how my digital camera could best be taken advantage of, found myself looking through the lens with a new found inspiration and the confidence to nail the images I dream of capturing.

Tim Cope – National Geographic Adventure Honoree 2007, Australian Adventurer of the year 2006