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Faroe Islands Photo Workshop May 2021




The Faroe Islands May 2021

Lying around 200 miles north of Scotland, The Faroe Islands are made up of 18 Islands of volcanic origin. Of these islands we will explore and photograph up to seven.

6 nights / 7 days

The Island’s tall peaks cast their shadows over deep fjords and are a feature on the main islands with smaller islands  like Kunoy made up of volcanic mountain chains with pointed peaks that rise above the sea. wherever there is low lying land amidst the peaks you’ll find small colourful  remote villages that cling to the shore .

You’ll spend your days and evenings photographing some of the best locations on the islands that are full of interesting features. These include atmospheric old villages, churches , high seacliffs, mountain vistas, deep Fjords and  lots of dramatic light and weather. Then there are waterfalls, wild seas and crashing surf, winding hillside roads and lots of sheep ! The Faroe Islands are a real “get away from it” all location that’s fast becoming a go to destination for adventurous photographers

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